Production and Investigation of Spectroscopic Characteristics of Nitrogen Cold Plasmas

Akan T. (Executive), İlik E.

Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions, 2017 - 2019

  • Project Type: Project Supported by Higher Education Institutions
  • Begin Date: August 2017
  • End Date: March 2019

Project Abstract

In this study, nitrogen gas discharges were produced and some properties were investigated. Nitrogen discharges are produced at low pressure using 11 kV DC and 18 kV-15 kHz AC power supplies. Low pressure nitrogen gas discharges produced at different pressures were imaged with a digital camera and analysed with optical emission spectroscopy (OES). In addition, the variation of emission spectra of AC nitrogen discharge produced at the same pressure according to application voltage and frequency was investigated. Nitrogen Plasma jets  were generated using an AC power supply of 18 kV-15 kHz at atmospheric pressure. The variation of the length of the produced atmospheric pressure nitrogen plasma jet with the gas flow rate has been analyzed, and the produced jet length is approximately 2 cm. The nitrogen plasma jet produced at atmospheric pressure was also analyzed with OES and the electron temperature and electron density of the atmospheric pressure nitrogen plasma jet were calculated.