Polymer Research Laboratory

Eskişehir Osmangazi University Polymer Research Laboratory (PAL) focuses on synthesis, characterization and application studies of new types of polymers, nano and microparticles. PAL, which is currently working on surface-active polymers, schizophrenic polymers, environmentally sensitive polymers, cross-linked micelles, nanoparticles, microgels, nanostructured hybrid/composite systems, latex technology, drug carriers and drug delivery delivery systems, etc., PAL has good infrastructure. PAL is one of the leading R&D laboratories in our country with its well-equipped structure (DLS, SLS, TGA/DTA, Zetapot, GPC, UV-vis spect, Viscometer, Density meter, lyophilizer, 2 rotevaporators, 8 fume cupboards, 9 double bench, other miscellaneous lab devices and a total area of 250 m2 ) . In the PAL team, under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Vural BÜTÜN, there are more than 23  researchers, including 3 faculty members, 2 research assistants, 17 graduate students and 2 visiting researchers. The academic outputs of the group can be summarized as more than 130 SCI articles, four book chapters, more than 5000 citations, national (TUBITAK, TUBA, PAGEV, etc.) and international (TWAS) scientific awards and 35 completed postgraduate theses.

Recent Publications