ESOGU Thin Film Research Group mainly carries out research studies on the production and characterization of semiconductor thin film materials that can be used in photovoltaic solar cells. For the production of thin film coatings, studies are generally carried out on techniques such as spray pyrolysis, sol-gel spin-coating and thermal evaporation. The potential of the produced thin films as transparent front contact, window layer, buffer layer and absorber layer in photovoltaic solar cells is evaluated in terms of structural, electrical, optical and surface properties. In addition, studies on metal oxide material synthesis are carried out for photocatalytic tests. ESOGU TFRG has active group members in terms of faculty potential, research activities and scientific events related to materials and energy topics. Thesis/publications/project studies on material production and characterization are generally carried out in the field of semiconductor technologies, under the supervision of group members. There is sufficient infrastructure and equipment for the development of semiconductor materials used in solar cell technologies and opto-electronic applications. To date, there are more than 20 master's and 15 doctoral dissertations on these topics. Similar studies are still going on under the supervision of our group members. More than 15 project studies on material development and analysis for semiconductor technologies have been completed by the group members, in which postgraduate students also take part as scholars and researchers. In addition, there are currently ongoing project studies on the related subjects. These studies are mainly on the optimization of materials used in chemical and physical processes and semiconductor technologies. At the end of the current projects, studies will continue with new projects that include research on device design in semiconductor technologies and electrodes for supercapacitor applications. In addition, the "Congress On Systems And Analysis Techniques Used In The Production Of Metal, Semiconductor And Oxide Materials" was organized in 2009 and "National Solar and Hydrogen Energy Congress (UGHEK)” was organized six times (since 2006) as scientific activities.