Software Reliability Laboratory (SRLAB)

Eskisehir Osmangazi University Software Reliability Laboratory (ESOGU - SRLAB)

SRLAB mission is creating reliable software systems, developing verification and validation tools and datasets, creating infrastructures for improving test and V&V processes, provide services to community and industry etc. Also, involving both theoretical and applied research with community, the SRLAB is interested in topics having a high impact on the Software Engineering, as well as their application and transfer to Industry.

Areas of Interest

  • Verification and Validation of Autonomous Systems
  • Experimental Software Engineering
  • Model-Driven Engineering (MDA/MDE)
  • Software Testing (Performance, Robustness, and Safety)
  • Performance and Dependability Evaluation
  • Fault-tolerant/Resilient Systems
  • Software Reliability Estimation
  • Fault Injection and Simulation Based Testing
  • AI based Software Testing 
  • Trustworthy AI (Testing of AI)

Also, SRLAB has strong project experience on EU projects like KDT, ECSEL, Eurostar, ITEA, Xecs, Third Party Funding etc., and National Funding like TUBITAK, KOSGEB etc. SRLAB has good relationship with industry and other universities. Furthermore, In SRLAB, we have training courses like "Advanced Software Testing, Software Testing, Software Quality Assurance, Software Reliability" etc.. Besides, We are developing open source tools like "IMFIT, SRVT, ChArIoT, CamFITool" etc.