Design Research and Practice Group

"Design research tends to produce knowledge that can be defined as trans-disciplinary and heterogeneous in nature and that which seeks to improve the world." (Milton & Rodgers, 2019; 11) In this context, “Design Research is a systematic search for and acquisition of knowledge related to design and design activity.” (Archer, B., 1981)

Based on the above definitions, it becomes meaningless to separate design research from practice and difficult to imagine establishing an academic process without practice. For this reason, as design academics, by supporting design research with scientific research, we pursue the following activities within this research group

  • Design Management Counseling
  • Conducting User Research
  • Carrying out Design Practice
  • Conducting Market Research
  • Executing Product-User-Tests
  • Providing Training for Design Thinking
  • Conducting Industry-Focused Academic Research

One of our main ambitions is to support design education and designers’ employment by realizing these activities. In this respect, while carrying out any activity as a design practitioner, it aims not to compete but to cooperate with our practicing graduates.