Examining the Job Stress Experienced by Surgical Nurses and Their Psychological Resilience Status

Mert S., Kersu Ö., Sayılan A. A.

Archives of health science and research (Online), vol.10, no.1, pp.50-59, 2023 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)



Objective: Psychological resilience is an important resource that protects surgical nurses against the adverse effects of job stress. This study sought to determine the correlation between work-related stress and psychological resilience in surgical nurses and the factors affecting these.

Methods: This descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted with 157 nurses working in surgical units between September 13, 2021, and January 21, 2022. A Nurse Information Form, the Nurse Stress Scale, and the Psychological Resilience Scale for Adults were used for data collection.

Results: Very weak negative correlation was observed between work-related stress and the psychological resilience of surgical nurses (r=−0.159, P=.046), weak negative correlation between nurses' age and work stress (r=−0.332, P < .001), weak negative correlation between working time and work stress (r=−0.336, P < .001), and very weak positive correlation between age and resilience (r=0.165, P=.039). Very weak positive correlation was determined between length of time in the profession and psychological resilience (r=0.222, P=.005). Work-related stress was higher and psychological resilience was lower among nurses who were unmarried, who had a bachelor's degree or higher level of education, who were not satisfied with the working environment, who had a poor quality of work life, and who did not take part in any hobby/activity outside work (P < .05).

Conclusion: There are individual, occupational, and environmental risk factors that affect work stress and psychological resilience levels in surgical nurses. Identifying variables that reduce job stress and contribute to resilience in surgical units can help implement strategies that encourage these behaviors and thus retain nurses in this specialty.

Keywords: Surgical nursing, job stress, resilience, psychological