Analysis of the Anti-Reflection Coated Eyeglass Used in Turkey

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Kuru Mutlu H.

International Journal of Eastern Anatolia Science Engineering and Design, vol.3, no.1, pp.157-166, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


Worldwide, organic anti-reflective (AR) coated glasses constitute one of the largest areas in the industrial market. In our study, the analysis of the stages of anti-reflective glasses produced in our country and offered to eyeglass wearers was examined. Among the anti-reflective coating stages, the characterizations of hard coating, single surface and double surface coated glasses were investigated. High resolution Scanning Electron Microscope device (FESEM) was taken for the surface quality of the AR coatings of glasses, and absorption-transmittance measurements were taken for the optical quality of the glasses. The structure of the glass was analyzed with the X-ray diffraction device (XRD). Maximum light transmittance reaches 98.54% at 464 nm in double-sided AR coated glasses. Our study with the analysis of eyeglasses, which often have an important place in health and commercial areas in our country and in the world, will constitute an important reference for the manufacturer and consumer and will contribute to further studies.