An Overview of Cryptographic Accumulators

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Özçelik I., Medury S., Broaddus J., Skjellum A.

An Overview of Cryptographic Accumulators, vol.0, no.0, pp.1-11, 2021 (Non Peer-Reviewed Journal)


This paper is a primer on cryptographic accumulators and how to apply them practically. A cryptographic accumulator is a space- and time-efficient data structure used for set-membership tests. Since it is possible to represent any computational problem where the answer is yes or no as a set-membership problem, cryptographic accumulators are invaluable data structures in computer science and engineering. But, to the best of our knowledge, there is neither a concise survey comparing and contrasting various types of accumulators nor a guide for how to apply the most appropriate one for a given application. Therefore, we address that gap by describing cryptographic accumulators while presenting their fundamental and so-called optional properties. We discuss the effects of each property on the given accumulator's performance in terms of space and time complexity, as well as communication overhead.