Exact solutions of the different dimensional CBS equations in mathematical physics

Islam S. R., Akbulut A., Arafat S. M. Y.

Partial Differential Equations in Applied Mathematics, vol.5, 2022 (Scopus) identifier


© 2022 The Author(s)The focus of this article is to find the exact traveling wave solutions to Calogero–Bogoyavlenskii–Schiff (CBS) equation by employing the exp−Φζ expansion method. The traveling wave solutions are expressed by the hyperbolic function solutions, trigonometric function solutions and rational function solutions. 3D and 2D charts are drawn from the obtained solutions by Mathematica software and discussed the graphical behavior of solutions. Finally, an effective mathematical tools for solving nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics are provided by the proposed method. This method is more common and powerful mathematical algorithm for finding the exact solutions of nonlinear partial differential equations.