Formation of block copolymer micelles and reverse micelles in aqueous solution

BÜTÜN V., Armes S. P., B'Minghab N. C., Tuzar Z.

American Chemical Society, Polymer Preprints, Division of Polymer Chemistry, vol.40, no.2, pp.261-262, 1999 (Scopus) identifier


A series of new tertiary amine methacrylate diblock copolymers are synthesized using group transfer polymerization chemistry. The AB diblock copolymers that can form micelles with non-solvated cores comprising either the A block or the B block in aqueous media at 20 °C are demonstrated. In both cases, micellization is fully reversible. This highly unusual behavior can be observed at room temperature merely by judicious control of the solution pH and the electrolyte concentration.