Two photoluminescent silver(I) saccharinate complexes: The formation of a potassium-oxygen cluster, and Ag center dot center dot center dot pi and (O-H)center dot center dot center dot Ag interactions

YEŞİLEL O. Z., Gunay G., Semerci F., Erkmen D.

ZEITSCHRIFT FUR KRISTALLOGRAPHIE-CRYSTALLINE MATERIALS, vol.227, no.10, pp.694-701, 2012 (SCI-Expanded) identifier identifier


Two new Ag(I)-saccharinate complexes, K[Ag(sac)(2)]center dot H2O (1) and [Ag(sac)(ina)]center dot 1.5 H2O (2) (sac = saccharinate and ina = isonicotinamide), have been synthesized and characterized by elemental analyses, IR spectroscopy, thermal analysis and single crystal X-ray diffraction. The silver atoms adopt a linear AgN2 geometry in each case defined by two sac ligands in 1, and one sac and one ina ligand in 2. In 1, the anionic complex units are linked into a two-dimensional array by two potassium atoms, forming an eight-membered bimetallic ring and a K2O10 potassium-oxygen cluster. Complex 2 shows rare (O-H)center dot center dot center dot Ag and (N-H)center dot center dot center dot Ag interactions. The molecules are connected by Ag center dot center dot center dot C-sac (eta(3)) interactions involving the saccharinate-phenyl rings.