Floatability of suspended particles from wastewater of natural stone processing by floc-flotation in mechanical cell Mekanik flotasyon hücresinde flok-flotasyonu ile doğaltaş işleme atıksuyundan süspanse tanelerin yüzdürülmesi

Taşdemir T., Başaran H. K.

El-Cezeri Journal of Science and Engineering, vol.7, no.2, pp.358-370, 2020 (Scopus) identifier


© 2020, TUBITAK. All rights reserved.Flocculation and flotation methods have been applied individually to achieve the removal of suspended particles from wastewater. However, in this study, the floc-flotation method where these two methods are applied together in a mechanically agitated cell and the use of combinations of different type surfactant and polymer to achieve floatability of fine particles are investigated. The conventional and floc-flotation experiments were carried out to determine the effect of different parameters such as collector type and dosage, pH, flotation time, condition time and polymer/surfactant interactions on floatability of very fine particles. When the results of floc-flotation and conventional flotation were compared, it has been found that higher floatability values were achieved with floc flotation. It can be obtained 96.8% floatability of particles in presence of anionic surfactant (Aero 845, 750 g/t) and nonionic polymer (SPP N 134, 30 g/t) at pH 8 and 5 min. conditioning time for 5 min. flotation time by floc flotation in the mechanical cell.