Reproduction of Architecture in Modernizing Local Architecture: The Case of Muqarnas

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ICONARP International Journal Of Architecture And Planning, vol.11, no.1, pp.155-180, 2023 (ESCI) identifier


The present study aims to investigate the cultural identity concept and its relation to cultural heritage within a conservation framework under the threat of unfettered interventions for modernity and its requirements by analyzing the reproduced architectural works. Furthermore, the study focused on clarifying and tracking the effects of architectural reproduction on society and individuals, as well as on the local way of thinking and local culture in a specific region known as the " Levant." The research method is developed in two interconnected ways: qualitative 'interpretive' research methods are used to explain the pure concept of cultural heritage, while a 'simulation strategy' is used between traditional and historical architectural elements to create n ew architectural elements with historical origins and contemporary touches. Construct logic is a method of "modernizing local architecture”, in that it controls modern architecture and uses it to develop local architecture rather than obliterating and distorting it. "Muqarnas," one of the Islamic architectural decorative elements widely used in the Levant and surrounding geography, is chosen as the simulation case study for developing new contemporary architectural elements used both structurally and decoratively. The simulation approach used in the study is limited to several traditional architectural elements from the study's historical and cultural context, which were documented with architectural and technical data as well as illustrative drawings. It may be possible to raise conservation awareness by simulating some traditional architectural elements and developing them in a highly technical environment. Furthermore, it can provide the opportunity to obtain new architectural elements of a contemporary cultural nature that resist architectural reproduction in a variety of internal and external fields, as well as structural solutions.