Investigation Of Hole Shape Effect On Static Analysis Of Perforated Plates With Staggered Holes

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Saraçoğlu M. H., Uslu F., Albayrak U.

International Journal of Engineering & Innovative Research, vol.3, no.2, pp.133-144, 2021 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this paper, a series of analysis with finite element method was carried out with varying hole shapes of perforation as well as plate dimensions. Eight different models about holes that number of edges at the hole is four to infinite namely circular holes was presented. Than the analyze results of these models with different boundary conditions as fixed supported and simply supported at four edges were compared. In this study it has shown that when the number of edges for a hole is infinite, in other words when the perforation of the plate is circular, mid-point deflection is decreasing according to the other perforation styles. And also analyze results of eight different models of perforated plates are given in tables and comparative graphs.