Value of Responsibility and the Attainments Connection in 2018 Social Studies Curriculum of Turkey

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Osmangazi Journal of Educational Research, 2020 (Peer-Reviewed Journal)


In this study, the attainments of the 2018 Social Studies curriculum were examined according to the responsibility value, which is one of the root values of the same program. In the study, the concept of responsibility is considered in the dimensions of individual responsibility and social responsibility, while the attainments are categorized as ecological consciousness, political consciousness, national consciousness and self-consciousness. The study is a qualitative study, and the method of document analysis was adopted in obtaining the data. The data source of the research was the 2018 Social Studies curriculum approved by the Board of Education and training. Data is analyzed by content analysis method. According to the results obtained from the study, 98 of the total 131 attainments are associated with the liability value. By examining the distribution of achievements by class level, it was found that they were associated with the value of responsibility at the sixth grade and at least at the seventh-grade level. In the study of the distribution of achievements according to learning areas, it was found that they are most involved in production, distribution and consumption, and at least in the field of Science, Technology and society. Compared to the integration of modern society with technology, this reflects that technology is being used in the wrong lane. There is a situation that is not directed towards production, but rather towards consumption. In order to avoid this situation, Project-based, technology training can be supported.