The fossil spore genus Ghoshispora

Kutluk H., Speelman J. D., Hills L. V.

PALAEONTOGRAPHICA ABTEILUNG B-PALAOPHYTOLOGIE, vol.284, pp.81-123, 2011 (SCI-Expanded) identifier


Twenty four species/subspecies of the fresh to brackish water heterosporous water fern genus Ghoshispora are evaluated. Characteristic morphological features (spore wall, sculpture, processes, size) of the genus are studied and dichotomous keys are presented. Two new species, Ghoshispora serrata and G. tenuis and two subspecies, G. bella ssp. convoluta and G. bella ssp. deltoidea are described. Ghoshispora kondinskayae and G. rara are emended. Nine species (Ghoshispora concentrica, G. delicata, G. foliacea, G. granulata, G. minuta, G. multifida, G. nenjiangensis, G. saertuensis, G. triangulata) which were previously assigned to Balmeisporites are transferred to Ghoshispora. Ghoshispora bella bella, G. bella convoluta, G. bella deltoidea, G. canadensis, G. kondinskayae, G. cf. longirimosa, G. major, G. rara, G. rigida, G. serrata, G. tenuis and G. sp. A are encountered in the Campanian and Maastrichtian deposits of southcentral and southern Alberta.