Optics and Photonics Laboratory

First Optics and Photonics Laboratory in ESOGU was setup in Vocational School of Health Service on 2019. 

In the laboratory, Fiber Optic Sensors  (FOSs) using single mode fibers are fabricated and applied on structural health monitoring, biomedical, physical, chemical and environmental applications. By using fascinated advantages of FLRDS technique, FOSs allow ultra high sensitivity with fast response, simple desing, low-cost, portability, simultaneous measurement and sensor network for multiple measurements.

Experimental setup includes a 1550 nm cw-laser, a laser driver, a function generator, an oscillocope, a photodetector and 120 m fiber loop with two identical 99.9:0.1 couplers.

You are sincerely welcome to visit our lab and for collaborations. 

Recent Publications