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Optical and Photonics Laboratory was established in 2019 within the body of ESOGÜ Health Services Vocational School, and studies on fiber optic sensor production and sensor applications are carried out in our laboratory. Fiber optic sensors using the Fiber Ring Loop Fading Spectrscopy (FHDSS) technique offer real-time, instant and continuous imaging with ultra-sensitive measurements. Fiber optic sensors are widely used as biosensors in medicine by specially modifying the sensor region. The FHDSS system, which provides the opportunity to measure in the ppm range with its ultra-high sensitivity system design, offers the opportunity for early diagnosis of many diseases from cancer to diabetes and Alzheimer's.

In addition, fiber optic sensors using FHDSS technique are also used for measurement of many parameters such as tension, pressure, crack, humidity, gas, liquid, biosignal in basic sciences such as physics, chemistry and biology. In structural health monitoring applications, buildings, bridges, dams, crack, pressure, humidity, strain sensors and sensor network are widely used. Fiber optic sensors, in which the FHDSS technique is applied, which is very open to multidisciplinary studies, are widely used in industry, industry, medicine, biomedical applications and many other areas.